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PLANETMIXER high speed pressurized mixers range is available in 6 different capacity: 120 lt, 200 lt, 300 lt, 400 lt, 600 lt and 800 lt. Each machine is composed of a monolithic frame and it is the only pressurized mixer on the market with main integrated motors inside the structure to guarantee durability, compactness and more cleanliness of the surfaces.
GORRERI PLANETMIXER, thanks to steam baking or cooling systems and to 15 different tools easily interchangeable, is able to realize every type of dough, raw, baked, liquid, viscous or prepared with special flours or GLUTEN FREE.
Perfect for whipping creams and all other types or creams, PLANETMIXER is also ideal to cook directly inside doughs, batters and creams.
Pressurized mixers of PLANETMIXER series are equipped with automatic and manual ingredients loading system.
Tools and motor gear work together to guarantee a complete scraping of the bowl avoiding product collection on the bottom and guarantee perfectly well amalgamated doughs.

All GORRERI pressurized Planetary Mixers can be equipped with automatic product unloading systems by lobe pumps, installed on the machine and equipped with integrated CIP (Clean In Place) system.
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