Art. GCS-SA Mono Head
Ultrasonic Cutting Machine

Cuttersonic GCS-SA MONO-HEAD

CutterSonic GCS-SA is the semi-automatic ultrasonic cutting device on 400/600 mm* wide conveyor belt. Studied to speed up the slicing of several products and to guarantee a precise and neat cut, this machinery is available in two different versions.

One Ultrasonic Cutting head with movement on x-y levels and rotation by means of servomotors on a 400 mm or 600 mm conveyor belt.
It cuts and slices quickly and without crumbling many different products. Both for square, rectangular and round products.
It is possible to manage different washing and drying phases and to set the descent and ascent speed of the blade during the washing and drying phase.
The vats are positioned on the side of the conveyor belt and the discharge of the washing water is positioned on the bottom of the vat.
CutterSonic GCS-SA and GCS-A are equipped with cutting group totally made of Titanium


• Cutting group totally made of Titanium (converter, booster and blade) as well as the electronic generators which are positioned inside the electric board.
• Laser photocell to read the product presence.
• Centering guides at pneumatic control to stop the cake during the cut
• Safety mobile barriers for product entry and exit.
• Lateral panels made of transparent polycarbonate
• Electric board inside the structure
• 10” color Touch screen control panel
• Both can be equipped with blades washing and drying automatic system and with UV sterilization device as optional.

* Tailor-made solutions and different belt width are available upon request
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