Transfer pumps for liquid dough, batter and cream



Technical features:
Gorreri’s piston transfer pump system has been engineered to satisfy the most different demands of transferring products with various viscosity. They are mainly divided in relation of the power and the transfer capability.
These pumps are composed of an air compressed motor that, with its alternate movement, can transfer creams, fillings products, eggs, melted cheeses, jams, sauces and other liquids at a maximum speed of 100 liters per minute even in presence of particles.
Our pumps have a maximum output of 2 liters per stroke with a 50 stroke per minute;
Furthermore, components have been realized for the maximum usability granting, by means of fast clamps, a rapid and easy dismantling also to allow inspections and internal periodical cleanings.
Our transfer pump system can be equipped with laser or ultrasound level sensor as optional coupled with a pneumatic electro valve.
Manual lifting is our standard equipment and we can supply the pneumatic lifting as optional.
Pump features:
  • These pumps fill hoppers from the processed mixing bowls or containers;
  • These pumps are used to transfer any soft batter, dough, cream without altering its integrity;
  • No. 4 different types of pumps (series 65, 80, 100 and 140) to choose from;
  • Flexible suction and discharge hose to convey food products with stainless steel DIN or tri-clamp fittings. Standard length is 3 meters;
  • Our pumps are made internally and externally in stainless steel AISI316. Pneumatic motor is in anodized aluminium;
  • Stainless steel AISI304 frame;
All pump systems can be equipped with a pressing disc (optional) to empty completely the mixing bowls of our Planetary mixers.
  • Level sensor and shut-off pneumatic valve;
  • Ultrasonic sensor with minimum and maximum reading;
  • Pneumatic lifting pump system.
PA 65 A-80 80 20
PA 80 A-130 50 33
PA 100 A-210 50 50
PA 140 A-130 50 100

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