Art. LPG400/600/800
Production lines for muffin, cupcakes and other dosed products




LPG is a semi-automatic line for battered products in tray or in paper cup and it is characterized for a great versatility and an incredible working flexibility. With LPG series it is possible to produce muffin, cupcake, plum cake, doughnut and many other snack typologies and cakes of every form and size.

Available in LPG400, LPG600 and LPG800 versions, each LPG can be equipped with oil spraying system for the trays with aspiration plant, sprinkling unit, automatic paper cup dispenser (simple or “tulip”), cardboard, aluminium, plastic in many sizes and dimensions.

The new semi-automatic line for the production of products dosed in a paper cup finds its strength point in its flexibility and makes easy the adjustment of the different parameters.
The electronic control of the line allows to have an high versatility, allowing the production of different measures and product shapes typologies.

The structure is entirely made of stainless steel AISI 304 assembled on adjustable feet and it is composed of:

Tray conveyor on chain with electronically adjustable advancement speed.

The body structure is made of aluminium, assembled above the conveyor. Pneumatic machine movement.
The paper cup storage box and the aspiration collector are easily interchangeable for a quick changeover.
The paper cup detachment is obtained in two phases:
- the first one (detachment) is slow and
- the second one (deposit) is fast.

Aluminium structure. Loading hopper made of stainless steel.
Dosage head made of stainless steel with valve made in plastic material.
Dosage pistons with pneumatic control and mechanic adjustment of the step (equipped with special seals in accordance to the FDA rules).
Plate holding the dosage opening and the washing collector. The dosage head is vertically moved by an eccentric and a motoreducer driven by a frequency converter.

The functioning logic of the line is controlled by a PLC with operator panel interface Touch Screen.


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