Chocolate Compound Enrobing Machine

Technical features:
  • Stainless steel structure mounted on adjustable feet.
  • Polycarbonate side protections, working chamber heated through ceramic plates and inner radiant neon light.
  • Wire mesh main conveyor made of stainless steel with powered control inverter and heated roll detachment and motorized at variable speed.
  • Chocolate tank control level via programmable electronic sensor.
  • Drawer filling system placed under the chocolate fall being able to do simultaneously even the socket  with the overcoating.
  • The heating boiler is integrated in the tank, the operation of the circuit is pressurized to optimize the circulation of water in all the points of the machine.
  • Feeding lobes pump with double wall chamber for heating the same and with basket filter at the end.
  • All the tubes for the circulation of chocolate are double-walled.
  • Pneumatic control vibration system to drip off the bottom of the product.
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