Semi automatic or fully automatic lines for the production of cake in trays with possibility of vertical or side cream injection


Semi automatic or full automatic line for the production of cake in trays with possibility of vertical or side cream injection. 
Muffin, cupcake and dosed products.
Automatic or Semi-automatic lines for products in tray or in paper cups Iof every shape and size with horizontal or vertical filling systems, decoration, masking, printing, oil spraying and tray depanning.

Over the years, we have developed different machines which now allow us to propose innovative automatic plants for the production of cupcakes and dosed products in general, besides the horizontal and vertical injection machines.
The structures of our equipment made of stainless steel, combined with high-quality components ensure productivity and durability. The plants guarantee the maximum flexibility of use allowing to work with different types of trays, with or without paper cup, depanning systems with needles or suction cups in addition to the overturning system.
The injection and the filling of the products can be done in the tray or after the cooling, directly on the belt or inside of acetate trays. The dosing and injection heads model DOSAMATIC and DOSATRONIC ensure high performances, as well as high precision in dosing, combined with the ease of cleaning and maintenance that distinguish all GORRERI’s machineries. All systems are electronically controlled and the different areas can be connected through the network, in order to keep every area of the plant under a careful control, both by the control panel or remotely.



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90° trays exchange and oven trays infeed


Grains distributor


Batter dosing unit


Piston and dosing cylinders details


Paper cup denesting unit


Baking pans greasing unit


Baking pans brushing system and crumbs removal


Baking pans overturning unit


Baking pans de-molding unit with needles


Oven trays outfeed


Injection head detail

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